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Four factors to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

They say dogs make the best companion for humans, but cats actually the pet you need if you want to show your ability to love unconditionally. The primary reason is that cats are technically useless. You can’t expect anything from them, yet they can make you happy just by their presence.

And the fact that you’ve come here, those fluffy balls have got their charms on you. But before you rush into the nearest pet shop, here are four factors to consider before adopting a cat.

Look for the Strays

a cat staring at youWithout proper population control, cats can bring a devastating environmental disaster by eliminating most of the small endemic animals. The worst case for this happens in Australia, where feral cats are proliferating by preying on birds and marsupials.

Therefore, before you buy a cat, consider saving the environment as well by adopting strays. Besides, if you take care of them properly, they are just as cute as the popular cat breeds.

Check If You Are Allergic to Dander

If you are new to pet-keeping, then you may not be familiar with the word ‘Dander’. It is basically dead skin cells that both dogs and cats shed. And the bad news is that you may be allergic to it.

Therefore, before you adopt a cat, try to play with one first and see if any allergy symptoms appear. Moreover, this also means that you will have to vacuum your house more often if you keep a cat. Accumulated dander on your sofa can invite mites and other bugs. If you’re lazy, you will end up with irritated skin for sure!

Be Ready to Deal with Cat’s Parasites

Cats are prone to worm and flea infestations. At some points in their life, they will get infected, and you must be ready to give your cat a proper treatment. Or at least, you must be willing to bring them to a vet.

Roundworms are the most common worm that can infect cats. And the bad news for you is that it can infect you too. Accordingly, maintaining your hygiene is mandatory if you want to have a cat running around your house.

Save Up to Neuter Your Cat

tripletsUnless you are ready to take care of sextuplets of kittens, you’d better consider neutering your cat as soon as you get one. Cat’s estrus period is year-round. It means that you can end up with many cats if you don’t control how they breed.

Neutering a male cat will cost you anywhere from $75 to $100, while for females, it can reach up to $500. Please remember that dumping the kittens is not an option. They can die easily, or if they survive, they can damage the biodiversity in your area.…