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Psychics: A Discussion on the Reality of Paranormal Abilities

Paranormal abilities are the stuff of television, Hollywood movies, and novels. They’re also a topic that is often considered nonsense or fairy tales for children. However, many people believe in these types of abilities and swear by them as truth. We will discuss some reasons why psychics may be real based on scientific evidence. So, stick around and make yourself comfortable.

What Are Psychics?

For some of you who clicked this article without knowing beforehand what “psychics” were, they are individuals with the ability to predict future events. They can also be called clairvoyants, and their abilities are categorized as paranormal in nature. Most are natural-born psychics, but some claim to have developed their abilities through meditation and trance.

What Psychics Are Not?

tarot cardsBefore we discuss the reasons why psychics may be real, let’s talk about what they are not. The following is a list of common claims that will explain why no one should believe in them:

  • They cannot read minds.
  • They cannot predict lottery numbers.
  • They cannot heal or cure diseases.

What Is the Scientific Evidence?

The scientific evidence is based on several experiments conducted by Dr. Julie Beischel. She worked on double-blind cases where subjects could receive correct information about people they had never met. The odds of this occurring by chance are less than one in a million, which is what statisticians call “statistical significance.”

In another study conducted with over 700 participants, Dr. Beischel found that psychics were able to predict specific health conditions and death dates for loved ones with a high degree of accuracy.

An experiment was conducted where two separate psychics could communicate with the same person at different points in time. Dr. Beischel found that both psychics were able to provide accurate details about what was happening during those two periods of time for this certain individual, which suggests information can transcend space and time through psychic means alone.

The Bottom Line

tarot readingSo, what do you think? Are psychics real or just a figment of our imagination? Now that we’ve discussed the scientific evidence and research behind psychic abilities, it’s time to answer this question: are they real? We would say yes based on these studies and various others conducted by researchers worldwide.

Though psychic abilities are often thought of as fake, they may actually exist, and science is beginning to prove that these types of phenomena really do happen when you least expect them. While more research is needed in this field, psychics could become a thing of the past if we continue believing what society tells us about their authenticity. So, the next time you meet someone who believes in psychics, don’t be so quick to judge. They just might have some insight that you don’t.…